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Posted by HH56 On 2023/3/10 22:02:08
Been a lot of years since doing mine but I vaguely remember making a tool to hold and insert the cup over the shaft. Don't think I ever looked at a Clipper emblem up close so can't answer Don's question.

Not sure what I used -- maybe a short length of wood dowel or steel rod that was slightly under the cup diameter but had a hole in the end large enough for shaft clearance so the shaft could slide into the end of the tool a small amount. Might even have been metal tubing.

If a wood dowel was used probably had contact cement on cup back and dowel but might have been double stick tape. if the cup is magnetic then possibly steel rod was used and cup and rod was just held on the end of a strong pickup magnet -- the kind that is mounted on a telescoping rod. Like I said it was a lot of years ago.

Anyway something gripped and held the cup while I pushed it down and then twisted it to lock onto the end of the shaft. Don't remember it being too hard to do or to get the tool free but probably took a couple of tries before I got the technique down.

Packard probably had some kind of thin walled tool that fit inside the bore and partially slipped over the cup so it could be pushed down and turned.

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