Rarest Car Options?

Posted by humanpotatohybrid On 2023/11/30 19:29:10
The Copart thread got me thinking, so if you look through the options list (1955 | 1956) for the V-8's you will notice that a number of things that one might assume to be standard are in fact options.

Some examples are an manual transmission 55 and a 55 Custom without TL, both of which I've seen in person. Something like Clipper reverse lights seem ubiquitous, but from time to time a car will come up for sale without them. (Or even be missing one.) However, I've never seen, in person or for sale, a V8 without a radio, heater or oil filter. Likewise I've never seen a Clipper Deluxe or Super with factory A/C, though per the rosters, a small number were made, mostly in '56.

And though it was never factory, an honorable mention goes to the couple people who converted their senior Packards to a manual transmission.

What are some of the strangest optioned cars you've ran into over the years?

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