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Posted by Jack Vines On 2023/12/1 11:50:40

TxGoat wrote:
I recall a very nice mid-sixties Impala Chevrolet convertible... red, white leather, console, air, .... six cylinder engine.
For Chevrolet, the body style and trim level were two options and the engine was another separate option. It was common to see Super Sport trim hardtops and convertibles with six-cylinders or 2-bbl 283"s and 409" engines in Biscayne 2-door post cars.

Similarly, Studebaker-Packard dealers would build anything the customer wanted. The senior cars with manual transmissions usually came about because the Twin Ultramatic had failed so many times the customer didn't want to deal with it any more. The late Steve Williams owned a Caribbean converted to manual transmission by the San Francisco dealership.

Those of us working with the 1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk routinely come across cars with 374" and/or Caribbean 2x4-bbl conversions; the owners insist it was special ordered that way. The factory never built them that way, but the owners prefer to believe their own version.

There was one factory special order '56 Golden Hawk which has been documented. An owner ordered a solid gray exterior and a red leather interior. This was not a factory option, but they did have the seats done by an outside upholstery shop and put the notation on the production order.

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