Re: Relays

Posted by HH56 On 2023/12/4 18:39:04
Not counting the overdrive relay and the special PB shift relay, Packard used 3 other style relays in 55-6. In some literature the TL solenoids are also called relays. Those are not typical starter type solenoids either but rather the TL solenoids need a ground to operate.

Most often the black can type power relay used was for providing power to windows, AC circuits, PB start interlock etc and is a regular normally open 3 terminal type relay and needs voltage on terminal 3 to operate the coil. The second power relay such as used on the door locks and horn looks the same and is also normally open but needs ground on terminal 3 to operate. The third type is also a power relay but usually has a silver can and is a normally open / normally closed type with 4 terminals. It is used for the PB auto park function and its coil needs power to operate.

As Don said, the numbers may be meaningless but if you have an unknown type you could compare it's number and/or operating characteristics to one of the known others and see if you can identify that way..

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