Re: electrical wiring

Posted by HH56 On 2023/12/5 21:04:58
Autolite and Delco charging systems work the same way with the major physical difference being the regulator terminal locations and an additional hard ground wire between generator and regulator as shown on the Delco system. The Autolite drawing shows frame and sheetmetal ground instead of the wire but either will work.

Have not heard of any electrical differences on export models so unless someone has modified something besides cutting wires I suspect the US and Canada car looms are essentially identical with maybe the extra ground wire if it was a factory Delco system. As a curiosity, have you verified the engines are original to the cars or could the engine with Delco electrics have come from another model?

The Executive was a hurried model made in an effort to quickly offer a lower price Packard. It was built on the Clipper Custom 5660 chassis but with Packard style trim and styling cues. The Custom ended production on one day and the Executive started the next so electrical should be identical to the Clipper Custom with the idiot light. As HPH said, if your car has the idiot light the dotted line Clipper and Autolite wiring is what you need to follow making sure to place the wires on the appropriate Delco terminals.

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