Re: electrical wiring

Posted by hemlock On 2023/12/7 19:40:36
I don't know how to verify whether or not my Packards have their original engines. I believe the Canadian car does, but no idea on the U.S. car- it has had lots of wire chopping and splicing to be sure. Do I need to have a build sheet to check, and where do I obtain one? On the back of the intake there is a number stamped- 440892- same on both engines. The Canadian car [SN# 5672A 2363] has C66 on a smaller stamping, while the U.S. car [SN# 5672A 1195] has A306 on the smaller stamping. I assume these smaller numbers are what would be used to determine originality. Don't know if I'll ever wade my way through the wiring mess on the U.S. car. the Canadian car doesn't have push button shift, and has a Carter 4 barrel, while the U.S. car has Rochester and push button, so lots of extra wiring- lots of broken wires, splices, and sections replaced.

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