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Posted by Kevin On 2024/2/15 23:39:22
I'm still not sure what to think. What the PackardInfo community has posted here makes perfect sense, but it bugs me that the photo of the 1955 Caribbean above is an unmolested car. The original owner drove it hard like a daily driver (which it was) until it was sold in 1979, at which point it went right into storage. The second owner never disturbed the car, and I didn't own it long enough to tear into it at all, not even to clean it. Maybe the folks on the line didn't build enough convertibles to remember exactly what the placement was supposed to be?

I was out at the Packard Proving Grounds tonight and they had Russ Murphy's former 1954 Caribbean on display. I went over to take a look at it, and then I noticed that this car also had the bracket on the outside of the side trim panel.

My current 1955 Caribbean has been reupholstered and the brackets are missing. I think when I go to replace them, I'll mount them so they are on the back of the trim panel, but it's just weird that there are original cars and carefully restored cars with the brackets on the exposed face of the side trim panels.

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