electrical wiring [again]

Posted by hemlock On 2024/1/5 15:16:09
As I pointed out in previous questions, I have 2- 56 Executive sedans, a parts car which has a regular column shift, and a restorable one with push button. Both have torsion level. The restorable car has under hood wiring stripped, wires cut, sections replaced, extra wires spliced in, and wires connected to nothing and is in terrible condition. I suspect there may have been a fire under the hood at some point. I've been trying to sort through it, but am ready to give up. The parts car wiring is all original taped up and looks to be in good condition. I have removed the push button harness and it is ready to go back in, but not until I sort out the rest. After removal of the push button harness, there are still wires attached to start and park relays. The parts car, of course, doesn't have these relays. Here comes my questions:
1: Are both harnesses the same or does the one for the restorable car which has push button contain extra wiring [or are these extra wires in a separate harness?] I'm wondering if I could use the parts car's harness in the other car, or do I need to look at buying a new harness. I see harnesses listed on Max Merritt's site, but no details included.
2: What is the best way to access under dash wiring? I'm 75 years old and don't enjoy laying on my back to get under the dash. Can the dash be tipped back toward the car's interior to get at things from above?
3. If the dash can be tipped back, I suspect the steering column would need to be removed. Does it separate at the rubber connection just above the steering box?
Probably will be more questions to follow, but I'll start with these. Thanks, Clifford

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