Re: electrical wiring [again]

Posted by hemlock On 2024/1/6 13:57:11
Thanks to those who replied to my questions. Reading the initial reply it looks like I could use the non PB parts cars main harness in the other PB car. BUT- are there other differences I'm going to run into other than the neutral safety / back-up light switch ? For example, there is a heavy orange wire from the round circuit breaker on the inner driver's side fender by the relays on the PB car. All the tape covering that was originally on the car's harness was removed before I got the car, and this orange wire runs to a big splice with 3 or 4 red wires [one of which has a butt connector, but the wire it attached is not there- perhaps it went to the starter solenoid??]. This splice becomes one single heavy red wire running along the inner pass. side fender to the voltage regulator. The parts car doesn't have this circuit breaker, so also no heavy orange wire. What else am I looking at running into? I'm wondering if I'm better off buying a new harness, but hate to if the one from the parts car is usable, as it has never been chopped and still has all its original tape covering.

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