Re: electrical wiring [again]

Posted by HH56 On 2024/1/6 15:44:41
I believe there may be a couple of more added wires in the main loom as part of the PB circuit that are not in a regular car loom. There is a run between the starter solenoid and the PB circuit breaker. It is an orange wire and, I think is 12 ga. There is a wire from the ballast resistor to the auto park relay or in very early cars that did not have a service fix done, the control relay. In early looms it will be a yellow wire or in later looms, a white wire. I believe it is a 16 ga wire. Those wires both are there to provide power to the PB circuitry and if not going to be used their ends can be taped off and tucked aside. The other power wire that MIGHT have a portion be in the main loom would be a 16 ga red wire for the start relay coil power. I think the wire is all in the PB loom but possibly a segment could be in the main loom and is connected to PB portion by the plastic plug or an inline connector. It can also be taped and tucked aside if not used. If you are going the other way and using the non PB loom in the PB car then those wires would need to be added.

If having PBs is the only difference between the two cars and looms I think except for the starter interlock and backup light wire loations, everything else will be the same.

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