Re: electrical wiring [again]

Posted by hemlock On 2024/1/6 20:22:59
Thanks Howard for your replies, and also to others who replied. This afternoon I removed the glove box & glove box door from the restorable Executive & had a look inside, as suggested by humanpotato [sorry, only name I know]. This is an excellent tip, as harness removal doesn't seem so daunting from there as it does laying on a 75 year old back. Since the 2 cars are identical except for one being PB [the restorable car] & the other being normal column shift [parts car], I think everything in the harnesses should be the same, except I'll have to add some wiring for the PB as Howard said. That said, I am going to try harness removal and installing the non-PB harness in the PB car and add wires for the PB. I checked price on new harness from YnZ as mentioned, but they are certainly not cheap- I am in Canada and would be looking at around 3000.00 by the time you add exchange, tax, shipping. That's more than I paid for the car. So, if anyone else has any suggestions on this project, or tips to make things easier, PLEASE add them to the post. Once I get farther into the project I will post on progress. It will be a while before I know any final results, as at this point engine, transmission and seats are out of the restorable car, and I don't work as fast as I used to.

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