Re: electrical wiring [again]

Posted by humanpotatohybrid On 2024/1/6 23:44:53
I would swap in the good wiring harness and go from there. Bypassing the neutral reverse switch is trivial... just need a pair of connectors. Use insulated spade connectors because the reverse lights will at some point need to connect to the shift circuits. Make or buy just the shifting harness when the time comes. It can be wired nearly independently of the rest of the car wiring.

I would disconnect everything forward of the firewall before removing the headlight switch as you will get extra slack. But take a pic of how the wires are specifically oriented before you move it, as it will be helpful on reinstall.

You'll need to remove the driver door sill plate to remove the rear harness. I remember I think it's on the early 50's cars the rear body harness goes thru the A-pillar and roof instead! A real PITA to R&R. Fortunately these are easier.

To state the obvious, don't cut any wires for the sake of convenience if you can help it. If it went in as one piece it can come out as one piece.

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