1955 Patrician - On The Road Again Journey

Posted by 2T300RE On 2024/1/9 14:09:49
This project is for my dad. He bought this car when he was 19 years old (in 1960). His father was a Packard mechanic and owner of SOS Motors.

Now, in my retirement, I am getting this back on the road again for his 83rd birthday this year.

Brief history on the Patrician status... My dad had rebuilt the motor back in 1978, the car drove 2000 miles, including when his father drove the car from Spokane to Livermore California. The car has sat since @ 1980.

In 2002, my brother in law decided to start the project of getting it running again. For whatever reason, he removed the engine and took it apart to the long block. It sat in that condition until September 2023 when I took over.

I'll add pics to get an idea of what I'm working with.

Since I obtained the project, I have have completed the following:

- Rebuilt all 4 brakes
- Rebuilt master cylinder
- Assembled engine with all new seals and gaskets
- Compression check all good
- Rebuilt water pump
- Rebuilt starter
- Rebuilt Rochester
- Installed all new heater hoses
- Installed new radiator
as well as several other things.

I will be posting my questions here for issues I can not seem to locate in the manual or this site so far!

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