Re: 1955 Patrician - On The Road Again Journey

Posted by 2T300RE On 2024/1/10 23:51:37
Currently, it has 92k miles. My dad rebuilt the engine at 90k. I disassembled the oil pump and it was like new. I considered the Olds pump conversion, but figured this will still be fine.

My dad gave me the manual which has been my bible. I have used this site for many issues as well!

It is still missing the engine block oil pump vacuum line attachement for the aux windshield wiper, so I plugged that for now. Not sure what issues that may cause.

I installed a brand new Clipper fuel pump my dad had which has vacuum lines I can route for the secondary wiper vacuum.

As far as the trans, I removed the pan (lots of sludge) and found the linkage had pulled past the pins. I had to completely re-work that linkage rod, drill and tap etc to make the system work correctly again. After that, I had to fine tune the external linkage for proper ranges from the column which is now correct.

Today, I completed installation of the 1979 Ford pickup radiator, deleted the stock trans cooler and ran the lines to the cooler in the radiator. Finally, I ran the engine up to temp and drove it for the first time in 40+ years!!!

Everything went extremely well! Ran the car for about 30 minutes. Only leak I found is transmission fluid from the bellhousing somewhere. That will be my job tomorrow, finding that source.

Next will be new exhaust, then carpet kit. The torsion leveling isn't working so I have to look into that. Finish final interior, window seal kit and paint.

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