Re: 1955 Patrician - On The Road Again Journey

Posted by 2T300RE On 2024/1/25 17:13:58
Several test drives complete now!

All fluids changed after many heat cycles, and looked ideal!

Main annoying issue now is it sticking in park. I have to roll the car a little and it releases. My dad related the pawl needed replacement back then due to this issue. Not sure how in depth that replacement is, if anyone here may know?
I searched endlessly on the site and found a few topics/service bulletins, and I have already done most fixes listed.

For now:

- Torsion leveling now functions properly due to help from this site.
- Engine has massive power!
- Transmission shifts great up and down.
- Brakes are great!
- Cooling system is functioning great.
- Soon, on to paint/interior

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