Re: 1955 Patrician - On The Road Again Journey

Posted by 2T300RE On 2024/1/27 13:31:45
Setting the E-brake works.

It does not stick in park using that procedure.

Now I need to find (or make) a sealed cover for the compensator control box.

The rochester I rebuilt needs a little more help. The accelerator pump (AP) initally had the wrong size ball check valve. I replaced that with the correct one and now it works better but still has a slight bog issue from the 700-1000 rpm range. The AP fuel stream looks weak when observed, and was thoroughly cleaned out prior.
Air fuel screws have been optimized with a gauge, and by ear tune. No difference.
Jets are 48's. Have not changed those yet.

I may just upgrade to the Edelbrock to avoid the forever tuning nightmare.

I did install new points/rotor/cap/wires, no change after that.

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