Re: 1955 Patrician - On The Road Again Journey

Posted by 2T300RE On 2024/2/5 17:05:57
Carb Bog -

I had tried adjusting the timing prior to fixing the AP with no differences. It is much better after the AP fix, but still present. Adjusting the linkage seems to be tuning most of the hesitation out of that 700-1000 rpm range bog. I feel the car needs to be driven as much as possible, so that's what I'm doing. If I find something definitive, I'll let you all know. For now, it seems to be a carb tuning issue overall.

Parking Lock Sticking -

The parking pawl still sticks if I don't use the E-brake. When I serviced the internal trans shifter rod (re-tapping the screw etc), the pawl looked fine, but I could not see the gear condition. I think this will be an item to sort out when I pull the trans at some point to freshen it up.

Brake Lights Etc -

Now, on to the brake lights and turn signals. So far, headlights (and brights) and tail lights all work. I am only getting right rear brake light activation and right rear turn signal. Bulbs are all good, so there must be a wiring issue (or maybe indicator connection problem in the steering column?).
I'm guessing the brake light switch is fine since the TL is working correctly.
If this is anything like my 64 Impala, it had the same issue and was related to steering column wiring at signals.
The dash lights are inop as well. Might be the light switch (or bulbs), but I need to find the motivation to get into that thing soon.

Gauges -

Temp gauge and oil pressure gauge tested out fine but don't really read much different when operating. I will install new ones tomorrow. Fuel level doesn't read, so I ordered a new fuel sending unit as well which I'll put in this week.

TL -

Kanter hooked me up with a compensator control box cover since I didn't have one. Now that the system is working great, I want to have this buttoned up and weather proof. I will make connectors for ease of removing the cover if needed and ensure it is completely waterproof.

Shocks -

I installed new shocks on all 4 corners..... That was a two day fight to the death, but is done! I had to cut 3 of the 4 out. Then modify the rear shock eyelets to fit (after several trips to the auto parts store for wrong sizes etc).

Thermostat Housing -

This seems to leak around the bolt holes for some reason. The gasket was properly installed, and surfaces prepped. I will remove this and find out what the issue is. It does not leak enough to make a difference, but enough to make spots on the fresh paint in the area...

Overall, this car is really nice to daily drive! Once the paint and interior is done, I'm sure my dad will enjoy it!

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