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Posted by HH56 On 2024/2/5 17:33:00
Corrosion and rusty ground connections to the tail light and parking light housings are a well known issue and could be the cause of your turn signal/brake lite issue. If the socket has been subject to moisture the phenolic support holding the wire end contacts that touch those on the bottom of the bulb can warp and bend downward due to the spring pressure. That can let a contact fail to connect to the bulb contact. If you still have the original thermal type flasher those require the proper amount of resistance in the circuit to work properly. A bad connection or burned out bulb and turn signals fail to work on that side.

Have not heard of the 55-6 turn signal switch being too much of a problem but like the earlier switch, I suppose it can have a dirty contact. Not sure what is inside holding the contacts in position or whether the support can warp like the phenolic board used on the earlier switches but if it uses the same material then a warped contact board is a possibility. Both brake lights do run thru the turn signal switch but I agree that if one side is working, the stop light switch is not likely the issue.

Here is an extraction showing the turn signal circuit. The switch position photo is of the earlier switch so not applicable to yours but the 55-6 switch will make the same electrical connections inside. Since the 55-6 switch is configured to move more or less in a straight up and down motion instead of a rotary motion the squarish illustrations depicting a straight slide switch may be more in line with what is there. If half of your round plug at the steering column is the rubber type those contacts have also been known to oxidize or have a contact be pushed or pulled out of position.

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