Re: 1955 Patrician - On The Road Again Journey

Posted by 2T300RE On 2024/2/12 13:36:40
Brake Lights/Indicators -

Still no resolution. All connections/contacts and bulbs are good but left side brake and signal are inop. I'll have to line check each wire to locate where the issue is. I notice when the right signal is on, the LEFT dash light flashes. Right dash light does not ever light up even though that does work on rear. Both front signal lights are inop.

Carb -

After more digging into the 4GC, no issues found internally. All items are working as they should be but there is still hesitation off idle. I will check all vacuum sources for integrity. If no issues, Edelbrock it is.


Replaced the temp and oil sensors. Now I can see real data! Next up is the fuel sending unit this week.

Speedometer is not working either. I removed the cable from gauge and trans. I believe there is a break in the line somewhere. Will deal with that at some point.

Needle pointer on steering column was broken for shift indicator. I'm trying to locate or fabricate a fix for that.

Thermostat Housing Gasket -

I replaced this with a new one. When I removed the housing, the old gasket dissentigrated. Maybe it was a bad batch of material? It had only been on the engine a coulple months since the rebuild. Seems to be fine now.

Power Steering Ram -

This is leaking now. I'll order the seal kit and fix this up as well. Not sure if it's Monroe or Bendix. Gotta look into it.

Speed Test -

Drove the car up to 80MPH and maintained speed. All is good, tracks great and straight line braking is dialed.

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