Posted by PackardV8 on 2009/11/13 7:47:29

You have my full condolence for this misfoturne and my understanding for disenchanment.

Can u give us some details as to what happened?????

Did the brake pedal simply go to the floor with NO brake effect whatsoever???

Did pumping the brake pedal serve no brake effect???

Are u willing to to do some dissassembly to analyze why it failed????

I noticed the left front wheel apears to be broken off at the king pin???????

It would be most beneficial to everyone, including yourself if we can determine exactly what went wrong with hte unit.

Is it possible that perhaps a brake hose or brake line ruptured?????

One thing is for sure. We certainly don't want this to happen again so precise determination of exactly WHAT PIECE in the system failed is critical to keeping such a beautiful Caribbean from any further mishaps as major as this one that just occured.

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