Re: stop light switch 56 pat

Posted by Bowman Davis on 2007/10/24 8:58:39
Thanks for the quick reply. ?, does the mech sw you used have 2 sets of contacts, 1 n/o and the other n/c. It looks like you have the 12v pink supplying power to both sets of contacts. I found Someone had wrapped the dk. green (stop light)around the 12v purple and the brake lights stayed on all of the time indicating the switch is defective or wrong type with no contact between those 2 terms on the switch. however the contacts on the switch do make and break for the LT grn. and the 12v pwr to the T/L. The switch is a replacement, Wells RB402. Apparently the OEM packard had 2 sets of contacts and the wells has only 1 (for the T/L). Ihe Packard shop manual or elect dwgs show the contacts and the parts manual doesn't mention it at all so I"m just guessing as to how the oem sw. worked. I'll try the local parts for the VW SW. you referenced.

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