Re: stop light switch 56 pat

Posted by Bowman Davis on 2007/10/24 12:19:47
Thanks again HH56 and Randy B.
UPdate: It sounds like the switch circuit should work pretty much as I figured. I tried about everything I can think of, but no matter what I tried the results were the same, the common and N/C contacts (T/L)open with about 40psi but the other terminal (dk green wire)remains the same and has no power to the brake Lt. I even increased the pressure to about 70 psi but still no change. I tried all of the three wires on different terminals but that one terminal does nothing. If I wired the brake (dk.grn) to the N/C terminal, Pink to Common, Lt green to the third term, then the brake Lt's work but the T/L won't.
I went to my local napa and will have another sw tomorrow or Fri. I"ll try again and let you know results.

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