Re: Utica Engine Number Prefixes

Posted by BH on 2007/10/28 17:23:49
Owen -

I apologize for typographical errors relative to the "B" and "C" prefixes in the quoted text, which didn't agree with STB 56T-20. I had hand-typed the entire text, but encountered a "page expired" error after clicking the Submit button. When I hit the Back button on my browser, my text was gone, and I had to retype the whole thing.

Haste makes waste. I should have typed it all up in a text editor the first time around, then pasted it over here. Meanwhile, I have since corrected the quotation in my original post and duly noted it as edited.

There was no mention of a 5670 chassis in the document that I cited, but I would logically expect the prefix for the Exec engine to follow the 5660 chassis designation as the parts book only notes a 5670 chassis/model designation when it differs from 5660.

The data from STB 56T-20 gives the impression that there were no factory-built Caribs with standard or overdrive. Is that true?

Getting back to my original post, can anyone out there with a 56th Series Senior model with standard or overdrive provide some input as to the Utica engine number prefix on their car?

Also, I'd still like to know what the prefixes were for 55th Series engines.

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