Re: Utica Engine Number Prefixes

Posted by BH on 2007/10/29 7:42:12
Right. I don't recall this being reported on any club's roster (which can only be as accurate as the observer who submitted the details), but I figured one could check transmission equipment against the engine prefix - provided the block had not been replaced.

Years ago, I was surprised to find a Four Hundred with O.D. trans at an annual show in Western Penna., and I seem to recall seeing a clutch pedal on a Carib, but can't recall whether they were 55th or 56th Series cars. Mind you, that was long before I had that letter/attachment; I hadn't paid much attention to the Utica numbers then and didn't know enough to look deeper.

Also, I've seen a lot of engines on cars offered on eBay that appear to have been swapped or at least painted the wrong color.

Having correct prefix assignments for '55s, as well, could help with authentication.

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