Re: Engine Bay detailing on a '56 dual carb car

Posted by BH on 2010/10/30 12:28:08
All good information presented thusfar.

Yes, kudos to Packards International (PI) for undertaking that judging guide; it's a great starting point. As a work in progress, it may not be perfect in its coverage, but it's far cry from mind-numbing judging "standards" like "plating should be of proper type". If PI plans on continuing with that great work, to its completion, then I wouldn't want to formally duplicate the effort here, but we can continue to discuss the finer points.

PI also has an illustrated listing of decals in their Parts Project Catalog which is avaliable online, in PDF. You will want to right-click that link and choose "Save target As..." to download the file as it is 4MB - especialy if you're on a dial-up connection. Very little info on placement, though.

Meanwhile, you'll find repro of the decals for the Caribbean 2x4 air cleaner at the Accessories page of Dwight Heinmuller's site.

If unable to determine proper placement of decals from the existing parts or any manual, you'll need to inspect a similar car that is either unrestored or correctly restored. In lieu of that, you can ask about placement of specific decals here, and I'm sure others will provide photos, as time permits.

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