Re: Should I repaint my '56 Patrician another color?

Posted by LINC400 on 2008/2/5 14:22:02
I personally hate dark green, and think the '50's cars should be painted something more festive to reflect the era. However, to each his own. But I was wondering, since I am looking to buy a Packard and chances are it will not be in a color I like, what is the general opinion on painting them a different same year Packard color? It seems that everyone keeps demanding to know the original color codes on ones that are for sale. A guy in the Imperial club had a car with a black vinyl top and black interior which could have been painted any color, yet he repainted it the same repulsive color even though he didn't like it, because that was the original color. I don't plan on winning awards with it, I am just curious if that affects its value. I know I passed on a couple that had beautiful paint jobs, but were nowhere near any original Packard color.

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