Re: Brake Upgrade

Posted by Bill on 2008/1/7 0:16:06
Just got home from Rockford Ill. visiting my Dad. I also received an email
from Kevin Waltman in regards to disc brakes for the mighty Packards!
It would be something I would interested in doing.
I would need a few things, I am not that familiar with Packards, so I'll try
not to "embarass" myself!
I would need a spindle and a knuckle, for mock up. I would also need a hub
and a drum, I'd prefer a drum that is junk, as I would just need
measurements, and the HUB! (with bearings if possible)
What bearings do the Packards take? A-2/A-6 like Studebakers? I don't know !
I would also need a "strong" commitment for 20-25 kits.
As far as price, I couldn't tell you an exact one, but, I would suspect,
"about" the same as the Studebaker ones I have been making for over 25
Also, what bolt pattern does a Packard have?

This is a response that I received from Turner Brakes. Anyone have any spares that he said that he might need to mock up a system as I have only what is on my car.

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