Re: Brake Upgrade

Posted by PackardV8 on 2008/1/7 11:31:24
I get 4-1/4 to 4-9/32 inchs on my very original 5672 wheelbolt pattern. 56 Executive w /power steering.

I'm not sure what this "A2/A6" bearing nomenclature is all about. Bearings usualy have a part number of the form
" MFG x...x ". NOT just two characters. When did this start???

As for testing i will volunteer if noone else wants to volunteer. I'm available mostly 24-7 and my car is not rusty so disassebly and assembly is ez. I have good working conditions and heated and air conditioned shop. In fact, the car is rarely more than 100 feet away from me 24-7. Usualy in the basement while i'm making "adjustments" to it or on the road. I have a two acre field here in front of the house for preliminary testing and easy access to open rural Interstate hwy where i can run 80 mph and faster no problem with very little traffic.

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