Re: Proper gas for 374 engine

Posted by Allen Kahl on 2011/3/3 20:56:12
I have always been amused by the "lead" vs "unleaded" scam the oil companies pulled on the american driving public. Their position was that they had to make the fuel unleaded so hence they had to charge more. What they never told anyone was that they never had to do anything to gasoline to make it unleaded. The natural refining process produces unleaded gas, they had to add lead to gas to make leaded gas. So they made millions by doing nothing. In the 60's you could purchase 104+ octane regular at the pump. Sunoco 260 was 101 to 104. Anything higher was 108+ flight fuel. The highest you can get today at the pump is 93+. In my 55 Patrician I use that and add can of leaded octane booster.

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