Re: Compensator Grease

Posted by BH on 2008/3/8 17:54:56
Owen -

Although I didn't ask this question here, let me thank you for recommending a specific product.

I'd asked that same basic question of someone almost two decades ago, and it ended up being printed as a "Letter to the Editor" in one of the club's publications. A newcomer to Packard circles sent me a copy of the SEA paper on the T-L system, which noted the use of molybdenum-disulfide, but I never got an answer as to an acceptible modern substitute. Even when I asked about this, years later, online in other forums, I never got a qualified opinon that recommended a specific product.

That StaLube product sounds very similar to a CRC "Synthetic Caliper Grease" that I purchased a few years ago, which contained (IIRC) MoS2, graphite, and Teflon. I wasn't working on brakes, but the product seemed very similar in appearance to the original graphite grease used in the recess of the inner race of the throwout bearing in another (non-Packard) car that I was working. The cable operated clutch in that car was unduly stiff, but replacing the old grease in the bearing and smearing a thin coat of this new stuff over the snout of the (input shaft) bearing retainer returned it to like-new operation.

I'm curious to see how it compares to what I find when I tear into the compensator, in readying one of my Patricians for use as a daily, fair-weather, driver.

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