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Posted by BH on 2008/3/9 10:34:21
Oops, "SEA" was an error on my part. I meant to type "SAE" - for Society of Automotive Engineers. (I am a lousy typist.)

I'm a big fan of Lubriplate. Though that's a brand name applied to a wider variety of products today, I'm referring to the original product that used to come in a silver/gray tin can. I use it on brake backing plates and parking brake cables, but especially like it for the star-wheel adjusters. I also use it to lube speedo cables - by hand, after a thorough cleaning.

Lubriplate was just one of those thing my dad always had on hand - at home and work. Though I initially felt it was too thin for use on drum brake backing plates, time seems to have borne out my dad's faith in it. I may even use it to rehabilitate a record changer in an old console stereo that my folks still have.

While some people consider Lubriplate as just another "white grease", it seems to be much more than that. Perhaps the key is its "thixotropic" nature. However, as much as I like Lubriplate, I never felt that it had the "stuff" (like EP additives) to properly lubricate the compensator planetary.

Meanwhile, several answers I got online regarding compensator grease suggested that "any old" chassis grease with MoS2 would do. I'm certainly no lubricant engineer, but answers like that just didn't sit well with my gut - especially when you're dealing with a unique system and a highly limited supply of replacement parts.

While "look and feel" is not at all scientific, in the absence of a complete OE recipe, that at least gives me some confidence that I'm on the right track. It was just "dumb luck" that I found the CRC caliper grease sitting on a shelf at AutoZone (as I prefer traditional parts stores), but it worked so well for me in that clutch bearing application that I'm going to try it on some old disc brake calipers that have been giving me some trouble.

However, I'll purchase a fresh tub of the SL3303 for use in the compensator.

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