Re: Compensator Grease

Posted by BH on 2008/3/9 18:41:01
I looked for Sta-Lube SL3303 at "NAPA Online", but had to search for "caliper grease" to find it. It is listed as only available at your local NAPA store.

The Sta-Lube SL3303 comes in a 12 oz. tub - just like the CRC caliper grease (#05353). It makes me wonder if CRC is migrating from the Sta-Lube brand name to their own )or vice-versa), but I have no hard evidence to support that notion.

I've no experience with SL3144 except to say that it is listed as an EP grease, but only comes in a 3-pack of 3-oz. cartidges. Will that be enough to fill the compensator gear case?

I'm curious what Owen can add about SL3144.

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