Re: COmpensator Grease

Posted by Bowman Davis on 2008/3/11 21:28:56
I really appreciate the input fromall you guys and it's great to kick all of this stuff around. Actually none of the NAPA stores around here (at least 5 or 6) carry the sta-lube grease, but they do have the lubriplate which packard recommende for the backing plates at the brakes shoes/drums. I did find some more (1 package of 3 tubes) of the SL-3144 at Harbor Freight. I am sure I bought some at the local napa store a couple of years ago but no one remembers having had it in stock and it is no londer in their listed items. But, the good news is I have 4 tubes and I'm pretty sure it will be enough to fill the compensator housing. I'm pretty sure never seize would also work very well in the T/L compensator, but it is a bit moe pricey. What is your opinion on the never seize. We use to use it in pump casings, turbine drives,valves gear boxes, etc.and it never seemed to fail before the next scheduled PM, which was about 2 years on a lot of that equipment.

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