Fuel Tank Surprise

Posted by Keegan Chaput on 2008/4/10 20:45:42
I dropped the fuel tank to investigate a fuel leak that fixed itself as the tank got low. When I got under there it was obvious that the tank wasn't the original. No Rust. Well, I got it out and discovered the fuel leak was a bad gasket around the fuel sender/pickup.

But I also took a look at the sticker on it. It's a GM tank. Part Number GM28B. Fit's a 55-56 Chevrolet. From what I can tell, it fits perfectly with the stock straps and the filler is in the right position.

Did you guys know this would bolt right up? I was surprised.

The previous owner didn't hook up the sending unit. Am I going to have a problem hooking this up to the stock gauge?

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