Posted by Packard53 On 2007/3/6 20:29:09
I am in no way interested in having anyone fashion a story for me. The letter I wrote to Stu for publication in the TPC I consider to be straight forward giving a correct acount of what realy happened during thier visit and who made it possible for them to get the story. Telling the truth is never ranting or raving

Maybe Stu and Stella should be made to understand, the only thing that is going to bring peace and understading is the publication of my letter in the TPC. Over the last couple of years I have wasted enough time with Stu and PAC, trying settle this matter behind the scenes, even trying to talk to Stu about the matter at Hershey. The only thing that has resulted from this is a good kick in the teeth.

John F. Shireman

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