Posted by BH On 2007/3/6 22:14:14
John/Packard53 -

Let me say, for the benefit of all, that you had also copied me on your "Letter to the Editor", and I found nothing harsh or ranting about it. I see no reason why your letter couldn't have been published - except, perhaps, that some people don't want to admit that they were in the wrong. (And I've seen some real nasty stuff get published in the local papers.)

After the self-serving alternate "Letter to the Editor" that PAC wrote for you (clearly hoping you would sign-off and shut-up), I can understand how you might not trust anyone to write the story for you. While some people don't like seeing their dirty laundry aired in public, that wouldn't have happened if they hadn't tried to sweep things under the rug or, better still, if they hadn't pushed the envelope too far to begin with.

I had been steadily losing interest in that club for over a decade, and given the club's refusal to print your fully-reasonable "Letter to the Editor", I decided to let my PAC membership lapse for good last year - even though I consider myself a mere, dues-paying subscriber. In view of situations like this, I don't know why anyone would allow themselves to be interviewed by anyone from such a club for any article.

Of course, if you simply wanted to get an article published, you could do it right here and get a lot better exposure. I know it has taken a lot of work on your part to write that article, but I bet it will be a much more complete and accurate view of Brad's life and involvement with Packards as aboth dealer and enthusiast. Yet, I suspect that PAC and the Blonds will come off looking awfully bad if you simply tell the whole truth - even without one iota of ranting.

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