Posted by BH On 2007/3/6 22:31:40
That must be Macauley's Brown Bomber. I have a lot of mixed feelings about that car, at leats inits final form, but not as much as the what he had done Pan American #1, after it was sold to him.

Thankfully, other unmolested examples of the PanAm survive, and I have been fortunate enough to see two of them.

I much prefer Macauley's '52 Speedster to the Bomber, except for the Torqueflite conversion that somebody later did to it. While I undertand the want of an automatic upshift, you'd think that, for such a historic one-of-a-kind vehicle, they would have opted for an upgrade to a Gear Start Ultramatic to keep it in the spirit of Packard.

Also, Carl Schnieder's Packard Pacifica seems to have been based on one of Macauley's other visions.

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