Removing rear vent window from '47 Clipper sedan

Posted by su8overdrive On 2013/11/20 22:10:44
I'm posting this on the General instead of postwar 1946-54 forum merely as some 1941-42 Clipper owners might have some
experience. In order to replate the right rear vent window
frame in my '47 Super Clipper 2103, after removing the woodgrained garnish molding, i consulted the 1946-50 Packard Shop Manual's extensive body section, and saw both a long and short method. I also have the body manual for the 1942 Clippers, and looked at it, too.

In the 1946-50 body manual, the entire instructions:
"On the rear doors take out the window wing upper pivot screw and lock washer (easy enough), push the top of the window wing inward and lift it out of place."

Perhaps they're describing the similar 1948-50 bathtub
inner structure, as these cars are essentially reskinned
1941-47 Clippers, because the photos in the 1946-50 shop manual show a semi-circular dip to allow easy access to the lower vent window pivot nut and tensioning spring.

Because on my 2103 Super -- all four-door non-limo 1941-47 Clippers use the same body-- there's no dip, just an access panel, a square perhaps four by five or so inches predrilled for screws, which has no screws because
Packard or Briggs must've decided to simply tack weld it in place.

The 1942 Clipper body manual says "You will note there is a cover plate over the cut-out at top of door inside panel at the ventilating window lower pivot, take a pair of pliers and bend this plate down."

But, the cover plate's tack welded in place. To bend it back means breaking it free and then when the right rear
vent window is replaced, somehow bending it back in position----no easy feat, especially since it must be precise enough so that two of the ventilating window seven retaining screws can go back into the plate's bent top.

So, fellow 1947 Clipper sedan owners who've at some point had your right rear vent window out, how did you do this, what did you do, and how did you finish? I'm directing this to 1947 Clipper owners in case Packard/Briggs made some running production change, but any 1941-46 Clipper owners feel free to weigh in, because i don't know when this change was made, or if the 1942 body manual is as
out of touch as it's clumsy prose suggests. You'd think
a company of Packard's stature might've had at least one literate pair of eyes proof the above 1942 instructions so
there'd be a period after pivot and "Take a pair of pliers..." would be a new sentence.

Thanks for any and all easy insight, and i'm sure i'm not the only Clipper owner who'd welcome any crisp, high-contrast photos of what you did.

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