Posted by BH On 2007/4/17 23:00:32
Keith -

I can't tell you how much I added to make the Twelve, as I merely cropped a rectangle out of the pic, with the trailing edge between the wheel and door opening, and pasted it repeatedly until it looked right. A friend who saw it once joked that the fender script would probably read as "The-The-The Patrician". Then, I used a combination of cut-n-paste and clone-brush to clean up the foreground and background.

Now, I just tried what you asked for with a stock factory illustration of an Exec hardtop, which is a side-3/4 view (showing front end). While I see what you're getting at, a real problem arose in dealing with headlights, grille, and tailights. A restyle of the front bumper bar and rear bumper ends would be needed, which is a bit beyond my digital talents.

Yet, send me a pic of your Exec in pure profile and I can knock something nice out, rather quickly, to illustrate your point.

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