Re: New Member - Help with disassembly of Power Brake Unit

Posted by Randy Berger On 2007/4/6 21:04:21
I too have a rebuilt treadle-vac and it works fine. I think the kits from max or Kanter are only for the hydraulic side of the T/V. If you need to rebuild the vacuum side then you must buy another kit. Double-check me on that. I had mine rebuilt by Ed Strain who advertises in HMN. It was $215.00 which included the shipping back to me.
Welcome to this Packard forum and your car is gorgeous.
The PAC club and Packards International both have websites you will want to examine.
There is also this website which has an active Packard section.

All Packard owners are pretty good people and most are willing to help out a newbie so don't be afraid to ask.

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