Re: Exploding Fans?

Posted by HH56 On 2014/5/17 14:35:43
Interesting. I've read a fair amount of Packard literature and don't remember ever hearing that one.

Unless it was a deep secret or something that started to happen after Packard documentation was gone, don't believe there were any bulletins on that problem or any campaigns. Not even any advisories to check fans if a car came in for service-- other than a caution or reminder not to reinstall any fans if they had been removed and were seen to be bent or otherwise damaged. We don't have access to all the Stude issued bulletins to see if they said anything so can't rule out a mention there.

If there was something, don't remember reading about it in any of the many Packard books so unless one of the well versed Packard historians that post here could confirm the story, I would be inclined to not believe it.

There were some fan revisions in the early 51-4 models period to improve noise issues and cooling and the like but nothing indicating there was a big problem. Even the revised fans were for cars exhibiting specific problems & not a general replacement.

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