today was unique, good, bad and unusual....

Posted by patgreen On 2014/6/7 21:51:43
Picked up my Pat this morning after seven weeks in purgatory.

New axle bearings and gear adjustment, new trans, new front chrome, new carb, front wheels packed and a couple of small bits fixed.

Runs wonderfully: peppy, shifts perfectly, no bearing whine, A/C is blasting.

Pick up 15 & 16 yr old granddaughters for an ice cream cone. Drive through steak and shake and sit in the car chillin with malts and such.

Car parked but running with air on.

Motor stops and will not restart.

Gas tank 3/8 full. After an hour of help, mechanic who worked on car says to add gas, even tho gauge has traditionally been accurate.

Granddaughter fetches the snow blower gas can and fills it with 93. Car starts immediately and proceeds as if everything was hunky dory.

Immediately filled tank, which took a bit over 11 gallons.

Went to evening car show and discussed problem.

Consensus is that the fuel line within the tank is rusted and that I probably need a new tank/intake bits.


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