Re: How many cars sell at auction vs. Ebay vs. Craigslist etc....

Posted by Larry51 On 2014/7/1 8:01:59
Pat, I think you are mostly right about the most expensive cars selling at auction, and the cheaper ones on ebay. ebay has a massive audience but somehow I don't think the top end buyers are too bothered looking at ebay. They'll get the auction house to keep them informed / mail them an expensive, glossy catalogue when auctions are planned. Makes them feel more important. They don't have to shop with the common people. The attitude of many very rich I believe is to be aloof and 'above' ebay buying. But a poverty-stricken person like me will be keenly looking for a bargain in the lower price bracket, and I'm not too posh to tell my friends that 'I got it off ebay'.

Personally I don't feel as inclined to buy cars off ebay. Most anything else I have bought from ebay, but have always bought cars (- and caravans / trailers etc) via online ads like Trading Post.

Reasons? Just my own opinion but I think ebay auctions of cars have two problems: 1)Buyer is not really as face-to-face so you don't enter into meaningful discussion with the seller easily. Somehow, to me ebay seems less personal and more restrictive. 2) There are a load of people ready to outbid you, and often you don't even know the reserve price. Kinda feels like I am starting off with a hindrance. I reckon you need to have the 'bidder mentality' which I don't have. But I do have the 'bargainer mentality' and will usually try and talk a seller down a hundred bucks or so. Horse trading is very satisfying but seems to me that ebay doesn't have the same feel to it.

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