Re: How many cars sell at auction vs. Ebay vs. Craigslist etc....

Posted by Tim Cole on 2014/7/1 16:52:39
What little I've seen of the TV auctions is absurd. If you can see faults in a car on TV then that car is junk.

I follow cars that have been for sale for years and don't sell. Some are decent and some are junk.

If I wasn't so darn busy and always moving around the world I would buy one. The Henry Ford Museum told me they have no intentions of displaying the 29 Speedster anytime soon. I'd call them up and try to buy it, but I'm just too darn wrapped up in things.

I don't know what is going to happen to some of these cars in the future because the nation keeps getting poorer. There will always be a few fools who pay more than something is worth and that is what makes a good TV show. So the TV will always look like buying and selling cars is a sure fire get rich quick scheme. It's just another Hollywood fairy tale.

This Ferrari stuff is silly. Any good tuned Jap car would eat one for lunch.

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