Restorers, hobbyists, what are you using in your parts cleaner and...

Posted by D-train On 2014/6/29 23:19:36
Hi Everyone,

I had started on my restoration last summer. So every weekend it was dis-assembly cleaning, rust removal and painting. Now comes cleaning the front half of the frame to paint it.

I have been using Castrol Super Clean in my parts cleaner. It calls for an 8:1 mix. It is marginal and doesn't really cut the grease. All of the grease just sticks to the brush. Well as I started scrubbing my frame, this stuff definitely isn't cutting it. I know that hot water or steam would really work miracles... I'm too far away from the house to bring that in.

So, I'd like to know what everyone else uses for washing parts and the frame/undercarriage.



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