Re: Restorers, hobbyists, what are you using in your parts cleaner and...

Posted by Cli55er On 2014/6/29 23:32:52
For parts I use concentrated Purple Power. Do not mix it with water. You can get it in big jugs at autozone. I can leave parts in it for months on end with no risk of rust. I leave the parts in it for about 2-3 days and the grease just wipes right off by hand. The longer you use it the better it seems to work also. I pour mine into one of those big Rubbermaid storage bins and just keep refreshing it over time with new stuff. Don't have to wash anything.... Just soak it and the dirt and grease slips right off. Easy peasy. It will eat aluminum though if left to soak more then a couple hours. Everything else is fine. I left my engine timing chain in it for 6 months. Came out looking like 1 mil bucks.

You can also use it mixed with water for a non concentrated regular grease spray just like 409 or etc.

For the frame... Try a pressure washer or get it sand blasted.

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