Re: Restorers, hobbyists, what are you using in your parts cleaner and...

Posted by Ross On 2014/6/30 5:59:15
After getting rid of really heavy grease deposits by scraping or my pressure washer, I use industrial strength deep fryer cleaner which I buy at Sams Club. This is essentially the same as oven cleaner. This is very caustic and will burn your skin if you don't use normal adult precautions, but eats away the grease residue nicely and will also remove cheap enamels such as were used on the frame, inner fenders, etc. After it sits for several hours I just pressure wash it off.

Lately I have fallen in love with electrolysis and am using it on wheels and other small parts. It removes the paint and the rust with virtually no labor or cost. There are many videos on youtube on how to do this and I will post my variation of it shortly. The video I learned it from was posted by a colorful old gentleman with the handle "shopdogsam" I am using two old stainless Packard wheelcovers for electrodes which work great.

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