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Posted by D-train On 2014/6/30 9:34:39
Yes, after I clean all of the grease off, I will be sandblasting it. I just have to figure out where, as I have the pressure blaster, but no "open outdoor space" to do it.

I've been actually using a couple of methods for rust removal:
1.)Sandblasting (in a cabinet) works as one would expect.
2.)Evapo-rust works well and leaves a nice protective coating to prevent rust until paint.
3.)Vinegar-Leaves alot of flash rust very quickly before rinsing. I have found Eastwood's After Blast is better.
4.)Eastwood After-Blast stops flash rust after blasting and washing. ...but you need to dry it off well, or else a white phosphoric "salt" tends to appear.
3.)Tumbler-I have only used it once with marginal results, but will try again.
4.)Electrolosis-I haven't tried it yet, but plan to.

I have also tried the engine degreasers to clean, but they need the heat. A search of the internet showed guys used everything from straight cleaners (Super Kleen, Simple Green & Purple Power). The concensus was Simple Green and Purple Power contained a 2-Buto "something or other" which helps to work without heat. I have found the Super Kleen doesn't seem to break down the greese. It seems to "suspend" it in the water. So I will try those two next. Some guys are using straight solvent or even diesel in there cleaners.

I guess that's half of the fun of this, is trying the different methods out. ...then comes the home plating from Caswell.

Sorry for the long response.


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