Re: Is overdrive really necessary?

Posted by Mark Hill On 2014/11/5 22:56:16
When I got my '49, 23rd series, unknown to me the OD was not working. Realized it and resolved the issue. What a difference. The car also had a rear axle issue which required replacement of an axle shaft. I ended up with a complete rear axle assembly, and because it was out of a non-OD car, the gearing was 3.9, as stated above by Owen_Dyneto. So I switched out both axle shafts and the gears. Made the car much nicer on the highway. It does not have any issues with climbing hills. I use it in town even, and at 30 MPH, step on the gas and torque that our flat 8's put out, the car easily works it way up with out any lugging at all.

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