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Posted by Owen_Dyneto On 2008/10/15 17:21:31
Yes, I did retire from Olin Corporation and I do remember a Bob Cutler; as I recall he was in the auditing department and I had occasion to work with him on audits for export licensing. He probably wasn't the only Cutler there though.

I find it curious than your Patent Plate has no place for the selling dealer as based on what I've seen even the very early 22nd series (1948) had it, same plate as 1942 or atleast similar, but it was replaced fairly soon with a new plate with space for color and trim, eliminating dealer and date. But I've seen dozens of 47s with the dealer information on the plate. Another anomoly for we Packard lovers to ponder over a nice single malt.

I hope you can reconstruct the car's prior history, I've managed to do it on both my Packards and it it adds a bit to the joy of ownership, almost gives you the sense of being a caretaker in addition to an owner. I guess you've already tried w/o success at searching your state DMV? How about PAC's roster-keeper for that series of cars? My Packard dealer listing from just prewar shows about 55 Packard outlets in Michigan, but none in St. Joseph.

One other comment you made was interesting, that of finding service history on Civil War vets. I've got a friend who is a very serious geneology student, and he easily found information on his relatives in that war, and told me how much easier it was to find that info than on WW II vets. If you're curious how he searched, send me a PM and I'll ask him for some details.

Enclosing a photo of a patent plate from an early 1948 Custom 8 sedan.

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